Interior of Homes 

 Effective use of space, functional design has contributed to bringing both interior & exterior together 

 Housing Contracts 

 Contracts are vital when building your home, regardless of how much you are spending 

Affordable Luxury Built Homes

PFT Constructions is your partner in custom home designs & maintains a leading role in providing excellent service

Affordable Quality Built  Homes 

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Behold the house of the future. It’s just like the house of the past, only with some subtle nip-and-tuck work. Across the country, homebuilders are redesigning houses using a set of strategies they call “value engineering”— the art of building a house on the cheap without making it look cheap. The new designs are smaller, but their clever layouts create a spacious illusion. They feature high-end finishes, but only in high-profile areas. And they can offer interesting surprises 


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Luxury Quality Built  Homes

exclusive custom built homes 

The Luxury collection is a range of beautiful architect-designed homes with striking elevations. Whether you need a home to suit a narrow block or have views you’d like to take advantage of, or like to entertain, or work from home, you’re sure to be impressed with the Luxury Collection.



Design and bring to life your dream bathroom, unique plans and placement are a must. Enjoy your fresh new bathroom every day.



We are all about making you feel at home, so take a look at some of our custom bedroom designs. Shape your bedroom to be exactly how you imagine it.



PFT Construction is all about building your dream home. We provide kitchen design and remodelling ideas, kitchen cabinets supply draws and more.


Outdoor Living

The outdoor living area is where most people would choose to relax of an afternoon, so why not make your outdoor living area perfect.